Personal Story

Lwiindi Muleya

Although only 19, Lwiindi runs regular tag sessions for local children in Linda Compound, as well as running a primary school.

Lwiindi lives in Linda Compound – a community 20km south west of the Zambian capital Lusaka – where the population, of approximately 35,000 people, are challenged by a lack of basic services such as health care, education and access to clean water.

Becoming Young Leaders

We first met Lwiindi in 2011, when she was 14 years old. Greatly inspired by competing in a TRT tournament, she asked us if we would donate kit so that she could initiate regular sessions and, in 2013 she recruited some of her school friends to become a Young Leaders group.

A Talented Peer Mentor

In the years that followed, Lwiindi has helped to train many other coaches, and has helped us to develop the Tag Centre, where she now runs a community programme that boasts 14 Young Leaders, and over 120 children who turn up every Saturday morning to be coached, and to play the game.

You people have changed my life and introduced me to a wider World.
Lwiindi Muleya

Her dedication and enthusiasm is boundless, and her skill in helping others with cultural sensitivities and traditions, and with the local Tongan language, is invaluable to our cause.