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Volunteering is a great way to unite people, encouraging teamwork, leadership, and a great sense of pride…

The Tag Rugby Trust will take time to understand your objectives, working closely with you to provide an exciting and engaging programme for your employees. Taking a group on tour not only re-enforces the ethical values of your organisation, it also shows a commitment to social responsibility.

Go on tour

Employee volunteering is a great way to increase staff satisfaction – people grow as individuals, performing better in their day-to-day jobs. On a TRT tour, the great sense of teamwork helps to establish a cohesive corporate culture that goes well beyond the trip, and each tour offers a complementary range of other exciting and adventurous experiences.

Education & Mentoring

Everyone has something to offer, and sharing skills and ideas with people of all backgrounds, ages and interests can have a profound impact all round. TRT welcomes initiatives or offers from the corporate world to help us inspire, motivate and educate young people in the UK and abroad – from a simple one-off talk, to a full training programme.

Team Building

Working as a team, outside of the day-to-day business environment, is a truly rewarding pathway to positive employee engagement. TRT are happy to facilitate indoor or outdoor activities that will help to stress the importance of giving and receiving support – our work is founded upon the values of learning valuable skills and strengthening relationships.


Thankfully, many companies now practice some form of social responsibility, acknowledging that undertaking such initiatives is a truly win-win situation. We are always looking for partnership ideas and opportunities that will benefit our mission whilst enhancing your company’s CSR strategy – everyone benefits in so many ways.

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