Donate Kit and Old Tech

From sports kit to old tech, re-use is the best form of recycling. It gives your stuff a whole new lease of life!

Donate Sports Kit (sets of 10)

TRT loves to distribute pre-loved sports kit amongst the network of Community Clubs and schools that we work with. The vast majority of people we pass the kit on to are primary school children, so anything that is child-sized (age 7-11) is perfect and ideally sets of 10 so we can use it for teams.

We can use some adult kit for our coaches and volunteers, but in UK terms, small and medium size clothing are most suitable.

We are very happy to provide photos and reports of your kit in action with its new owners – so you can see where your donation ends up, and the amazing impact it has on those who receive it. We also really appreciate footwear – TRT volunteers very gratefully receive rugby and/or football boots and trainers.

Over the years we have received all types of kit: tags and belts; tackle pads; post protectors; headguards; used balls, and gum shields. Through our fantastic shipping partners, Lontex / Salabed Cargo, we have now re-distributed over 20 tonnes of used kit and equipment to children and adults involved in TRT programmes.

Phones & Laptops

Just got a new phone upgrade? Wondering who to pass your old mobile on to? Why not give it to us? We are in desperate need of basic smartphones in order that we can keep in touch with our volunteer network and, importantly, allow them to communicate with each other; post reports; take and send photos etc. If it’s a phone that can run WhatsApp, we can find it a great new home.

Has your office just upgraded all your laptops? Is a family laptop attracting dust, unused in the corner, because everyone now uses a tablet? Whatever the reason, we can make great use of old computers and technology. It doesn’t need to be the latest spec. – as long as it has a word processor, to write reports and letters; a spreadsheet, to do costings and budgets; and ideally something like PowerPoint, to collate and present ideas; we can give it to a Community Club to aid the development of our Young Leaders. Resources like this have an extremely positive effect on those who get access to them. Something we take for granted is usually unavailable to those who live in the communities in which we work.

Got stuff to donate?

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