Get Involved

Challenge. Learn. Unite.

Ours is an authentic experience that not only challenges and promotes teamwork, but also develops skills and ambition…

For many years, TRT have actively encouraged and supported schools and clubs to get involved. Participation in our programmes has a very positive and lasting effect on young people and students as they and practice skills in communication, leadership and social interaction. Going on a TRT tour is simply a life-changing experience.

Hundreds of young people, from all backgrounds, have completed highly successful tours worldwide. From Uganda to Romania – the impact of the experience is profound, and the benefits are notable when applying for jobs or university places.

Go on tour

The journey begins in the UK, with training, support and pre-tour coaching. During a tour abroad, students deliver week-long coaching sessions – culminating in an end-of-week tournament organised and run by the students themselves. There will be exciting recreational activities and adventures to be had, as a grand finale to the touring experience.

Young Leader Programme

This programme is designed to equip young adults with valuable leadership and life skills. Based on a series of units, participants learn to coach, organise and motivate students in local schools or communities on a wide variety of projects. Successful completion leads to accreditation for achievement – the TRT Young Leader Award.

Donate Kit

Identity, pride and the ability to look like a team is known to increase participation in sport, and this plays a huge part in establishing successful TRT programmes. We recycle donated kit and equipment, as well as unwanted mobile phones and laptops – these are all vital to increasing and sustaining the impact of our work.

Share Facilities

To facilitate effective and sustainable good practice, TRT relies on the generosity and support of others. Many schools and clubs may have useful space or facilities in the heart of local communities that can be shared. This sharing ethos promotes a climate of strong mutual respect – reinforcing our aim to create positive and lasting social change.

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