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We encourage all of our volunteers, including many who have participated in our TRT Media and Journalism module, to post regular updates and photos on Facebook. Each country has its own platform – it’s a great way to keep us all in touch with the wonderful work that is being done, and also a really good insight into the people and countries they live in. If you are thinking of joining a tour, or if you have a particular place in mind that you’d like to help via TRT, do join us online.

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1 day ago

Trevor Martingell

Great Project by TRTTeam Talk is an innovative project designed to encourage the empowerment of girls in rural Kenyan schools, and considerably improve health and sexual education using sport and interactive workshops as a vehicle. We partnernerd with Tag Rugby Trust and S.A.F.E. at Sasaab
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Great Project by TRT

Gus Pichot gets it ... shame World Rugby have forgotten what he tells everyone not to forget at the end of his talk !!!

World Rugby
Gus Pichot's closing speech at the World Rugby General Assembly will make any rugby fan's spine tingle
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2 months ago

Tag Rugby Trust

Inclusivity is everything! Enjoy this story from TRT Uganda.Blind Tag Rugby - The eye opener at MCCC

In the just concluded TRT training in Mbale Blind Tag was launched with the theme ''TRUST and RELY '' on each other.
The training that was guided by Fort and Nathan saw managers of Mbale accept that disability is not inability.
in the brief introduction participants were asked these questions
qn- Do you have blind people in your community?
Ans- yes
Qn - do you think they can do something for them selves or even play any sport
Ans - NO

Haaaaaaaa it was shocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! advised to have partners and one covered the eyes as you will see in picture below and get ready to play. So amazing that bulldog and tag grab was the warm up games and after we played a 5 minutes game. All it needs is a guide to hold the tag belt and guide and talk. A noisy ball would be even better.

Back to qns
Qn - How do you feel???
Ans -Fun, blind, confused, happy
Qn - what have you learnt???
Ans - the blind can play, to guide the blind, protect the blind, disability is not inability.
Qn - What do the blind need/ and how can you involve them???/
Ans - our protection, our trust, our love and let them know that its fun and above all we can all rely on each other.

TRT Uganda is calling every one to value trust and rely or be reliable to one another just as it needs full trust to guide the Blind.We need each other to build our community clubs.

Thank you TRT team and thank you Mbale Clubs for embracing Blind tag rugby, its in your hands now identify and involve the blind in our communities.
Building Futures Through Rugby.
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Inclusivity is everything! Enjoy this story from TRT Uganda.