Project Case Studies

Focused. Needed. Effective.

It’s way more than just having fun. Our projects – initiated by, and developed for each community – make a tangible difference…

TRT helps to find solutions to common, everyday problems – proactively establishing a broad range of community projects in the countries that we work in.

When community members are properly supported in improving quality of life, a great sense of shared responsibility is felt. This leads to people working together for sustainable change – jobs are created; clean water is made available; schools are maintained; food provided; health is improved.

There’s no quick fix, but with the focus in the right place, much needed change can be very effectively delivered.

Read some of our case studies:

Female Inspiration Through Rugby - empowering young women.

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UK Young Leaders

Young Leaders – helping to develop employable, transferrable skills.

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Health & Social Education

Team Talk in Kenya – raising confidence and aspirations.

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