Get Involved

Fun. Challenge. Growth.

Don’t be ordinary, try extra-ordinary on for size. Challenge yourself to fulfil your true potential, and help others in the process…

Volunteering enables you to share your passions – to have a positive impact on the lives of others whilst very often doing something that’s completely new to you. TRT are able to facilitate meaningful and fun opportunities for any individual who is looking for an invigorating, challenging and immensely rewarding experience.

Go on tour

This is a great way to do something really rewarding with a team of like-minded individuals. Friendships are forged across all cultures, and many of our volunteers go on tour time and time again. It’s not all hard work – with each tour you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy a wide range of exciting and adventurous experiences.


It may be that you have expert knowledge in certain areas that you’d like to pass on – something that you feel would benefit young people and their communities in the UK or abroad? Working to build trust, set goals and keep mentees on track takes time, but supporting others to help them clarify, and eventually realise, their goals can be hugely rewarding.

Skill Sharing

Sharing skills is a powerful and sustainable way to bring about change and by connecting the right people; we are able to make a real difference to young lives, both in the UK and abroad. Through inspiring and guiding others, you often learn new skills yourself – discovering your own strengths whilst greatly enhancing the lives of those around you.

Young Leader Programme

Either become a Young Leader and join our award-accredited programme – designed to equip young adults with valuable leadership and life skills – or help with coaching, organisation, motivation, or even administration by offering your time to local schools or community projects. Volunteering is highly respected in terms of employability, so it’s a win-win proposition.

I'm ready, let's do it