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Exciting News ! – Bath RFC Minis extend a helping hand to young players in Zimbabwe

There is so much unused kit here in the UK ... and so many players in Zimbabwe playing and training in cotton t-shirts. When clubs send us old (prefereably small sizes) we love to give them a new lease of life on training and rugby pitches in Zimbabwe.

We’re thrilled to share an inspiring story of generosity and community spirit ! David Catlow, Chairman of Bath RFC Minis, recently reached out to us with an incredible offer: 70 small-sized club shirts. Without hesitation, we accepted this generous donation.

Back in 2015, we received some Bath tops, so it was nice to be continuing the story nine years on. With this latest donation, we’re excited to give these shirts a new lease of life in Zimbabwe.

Here in the UK, there’s often unused kit lying around, while in Zimbabwe, many players train and play in cotton t-shirts. That’s where initiatives like this make a real difference. When clubs send us their old gear, preferably in small sizes, we’re thrilled to see them put to good use on the rugby fields of Zimbabwe.

Of particular value to us are sets of 10 playing tops and shorts. These items are invaluable for our players, really making them feel part of a “team” and giving them something to belong to.

Thank you to Bath RFC Minis for their incredible generosity and support. Together, we’re making a real difference in the lives of rugby players in Zimbabwe, proving that the spirit of rugby knows no boundaries !