Personal Story

Alice Burton

A two week tour to Zimbabwe turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Do something different

I first got involved with the Tag Rugby Trust after finishing my undergraduate degree. I had a few months before I started postgraduate study, and was keen to spend that time seeing more of the world and doing something a bit different. Having heard so many good things about the Tag Rugby Trust, and taking part in of some of their amazing work in the UK, I quickly signed up for a tour to Zimbabwe along with three close friends from university.

Team spirit

The four of us joined as part of a larger group of UK and local volunteers, and we quickly developed a real team spirit. We stayed in the most fantastic place, with the most welcoming and genuine hosts. The setting was stunning, out in the rural countryside, visiting schools seemingly in the middle of nowhere. A day spent coaching can be tiring, but an evening sat out by the fire under the incredible southern stars, with great food and good company is an excellent way to wind down before a good nights sleep.

Girls getting involved

Despite only being away for two weeks, my time spent in Zimbabwe was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life to date. Not only was it incredibly good fun, it was very gratifying to see what an impact that getting everyone together to play a simple game such as tag rugby can have on children’s lives. It was particularly fulfilling for me on a personal level to see many of the girls, who are so often overlooked, getting involved; they really relished the opportunity to join in with the boys and show them how it’s done!

A sense of fun and happiness

On my return, I was ready to start the next phase of my education, equipped with a confidence boost and a reawakened awareness of the world outside academia, and indeed outside of the UK.

What I love about the Tag Rugby Trust is the fun and happiness it enthuses in everyone – from the passion of the volunteers, to the excitement of the children. It really is a very inclusive and personal charity to get involved with, and I would thoroughly recommend a tour for everyone.