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Food Security project in Zimbabwe gaining momentum with Atlas Foundation joining Freddie’s Flowers and Old Mutual in backing the initiative

The COVID lockdown in 2020 pretty much put a stop to all community sports activities in Zimbabwe. During that time TRT Zimbabwe distributed over 10 tonnes of food aid to the community. From that work we learnt that to really help the communities we needed to do something more sustainable regarding food security ... this was our solution.

TRT Zimbabwe target over 20 community food production projects to be started in 2021.

2021 saw the launch of TRT Zimbabwes “food security in the community” project. All 80 of the Community Clubs were given the opportunity to demonstrate their readiness to take on a project that will help their community to sustainably produce food and for the young club members to play an active role in the set up and operation of the scheme. The Atlas Foundation have joined Old Mutual and Freddie’s Flowers in supporting the initiative.

Working Together
Club members pulling together to construct a broiler chicken enclosure

Successful community clubs have been awarded a grant to construct a community food production facility in their community. Initially, with the help of National Foods, we have focussed on creating broiler chicken enclosures sufficient for 50 birds. In time we will also be looking at layer programmes, rabbits, maize production and possibly crickets (the insects).

None of this would be possible without the combined support of our fantastic sponsors, the Atlas Foundation, Freddies Flowers and Old Mutual. All three saw the obvious impact that COVID restrictions had on the livlihoods of the families in the high density areas of Zimbabwe and threw their support behind our initiative.

Broiler Chicken enclosure under construction
The walls are going up